Sunburn Tips and how to get rid of it

While the sun may feel nice on your skin, the sun is certainly not nice to it. If you never thought about the lasting effects the sun can have on your skin, now is the time to erase and prevent sun skin damage.

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How does the sun even damage skin you wonder? Well, it’s not the sun so much as the ultraviolet light (UV) that the sun gives off that damages your skin and causes sunburn.

In the short term, a sunburn here and there may seem like no big deal, but in the long-term, it can have damaging skin effects.

Over time, as the UV rays penetrate the skin they start to cause wrinkles, dark spots and other skin damage. After extended exposure to the sun’s UV light, you can add years to your skin’s appearance. Studies show that 80% of skin problems are related to UV exposure.


Unfortunately, there is no sure way to completely erase or reverse the skins damage from the sun but there are lots of treatment and skincare options you can take to diminish the skin’s damage and prevent future UV exposure.


If you want to look younger and sun damage free instantly, we like to recommend our Microneedling treatment, which also happens to be one of our most popular treatment options.

The treatment works by creating microscopic pinpoint “wounds” that the body responds to by creating new elastin and collagen. This treatment option is safe and heat-free. Microneedling is successful in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and uneven skin tones. So if you haven’t already tried it, it may be the solution of your dreams.


Regardless of age, countless women (and men too) constantly find themselves dealing with the lasting effects to unprotected sun exposure. As a life tip, it’s wise to always apply sunscreen on the face and neck before leaving the house. It doesn’t matter if you are going to the beach or to the office, little bits of unprotected sun exposure here and there go a long way.

Wear sunscreen everyday, seriously. It will change your life. Hats, sunglasses and staying in the shade help reduce your exposure to the sun as well and help delay the early signs of sun damage

Apply retinoic acid cream

Topical retinoic acid creams can be an effective starting point for reversing the signs of sun damage to your skin. Retinoic acid is a derivative of Vitamin A that helps your skin shed dead cells and create new ones. Over time, retinoic acid can improve skin pigmentation and help ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol products are available over the counter. Retinoids, which are stronger, can be obtained with a prescription from your dermatologist.

Add alpha hydroxy acid or Vitamin C to your beauty regimen

Over-the-counter beauty products containing alpha hydroxy acid can lightly exfoliate the skin to reduce texture changes and fine lines caused by sun damage. The additional ingredient of Vitamin C can stimulate collagen production. These products can offer improvement over time, but, in my opintion, they’re not as effective as topical retinoids.


Sun damage can lead to dark spots that can be lightened by topical skin-bleaching creams. Products with the ingredient hydroquinone are the most popular and effective. Hydroquinone 2% is available over the counter, but higher strengths of hydroquinone are available by prescription. Other effective, skin-lightening ingredients include glycolic acid, kojic acid, Vitamin C, niacinamide and soy. In my opinion, products having a higher concentration of hydroquinone produce speedier, more prominent results.

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